Cheers To Your Local offers a range of apparel through this website. When making a purchase, we request you to tell us what local you'd like the profits directed to. This is done through the Nominate Your Local question in the checkout. Once received, we store these details until we reconcile all purchases. We reconcile sales every quarter. This ensure, in the unlikely event the details are missing, we can speak with you to obtain. Also we don't want to send multiple, small amounts to these venues as they're busy. This also allows us to focus on the site. 

When sending funds, we contact the nominated local to determine the best method. We have a range of options including direct money transfer, money orders and, if these options don't suit, a cheque. This is not our preferred option as there are subsequent steps are required ie physically depositing the funds at a bank branch. 

Once you nominate the local in the order check out, we reach out to and organise funds.

This process is straight forward as we contact the nominated local to organise the best way to transfer funds. This include direct money transfer, a cheque or a representative dropping into the local to say thank you in person. 

After deliberating the best method to get monies to struggling workers, we decided to sell products directly from our website, and every three months reconcile nominated venues and distribute the cash.We will pass on all profits made on sales, with Cheers To Your Local costs deducted e.g. cost of a t-shirt, printing of t-shirt, distribution of t-shirt i.e. website, marketing and shipping costs.

Yes, our website includes a 'Nominate Your Local' section; where you're invited to include the details of the pub, club or bar you wish to nominate, located in Australia.  In the event we cannot locate the specified venue, we will nominate one based on your mailing addresses. 

Before going live, we carried out customer research, speaking with venue managers across Australia about our idea and the best way to ensure our donations are received by staff at pubs, clubs and bars. We received unanimous feedback from these venue managers that, in their opinion and given their experience, venues would be highly likely to pass on donations to their staff.  The sentiment was that holding back donations is not in the spirit of the industry.  We are already starting to form relationships with venues and as we grow and we gain scale, we will look to enhance the disbursement process.

If the nominated local is missing from the purchase order we will try and contact you, most likely via the email address you provided. We will do this prior to disbursing funds. If we don't receive a response we will select a venue based on your mailing address

Yes - we accept all returns. You will need to email us at and we can work together to get you the right item. We strongly encourage you to review the size guide to avoid any risk of profits passed to pubs, clubs and bars.

We would encourage you to email us at and we can direct you to
the most relevant organisation to accept your donation.

Yes. Cheers To Your Local is a registered business that directs all profits to your nominated local. Our ABN is 16 232 323 297. 

It depends on the shipping option.

Express is 3-5 business days. 

Parcel Post is 5-7 business days. Standard shipping is 7-10 business days. 

We strongly support drinking responsibly. If you want to find out more information about how you
can drink more responsibly please visit

Have a question that we didn’t answer? Email us at