1 October - Payments to Pubs, Clubs and Bars have commenced

1 October - Payments to Pubs, Clubs and Bars have commenced

Hi all,

We're super excited to kick off our second round of payments to the nominated pubs, clubs and bars across Australia. 

What do we do?

As you know Shannon and I set up Cheers To Your Local to help thousands of staff in pubs, clubs and bars across Australia. This sector has been heavily impacted due to global events, in particular it's casual staff living in communities (sometimes remote) to help venues. 

How does it work?

In the checkout, when purchasing an item from our store, we request you to nominate your local pub, club or bar to direct profits to. Our mission is to help 1000 venues within 12 months and we're well on our way! The response has been exciting for us - seeing people wanting to help out staff in these venues as this is our primary objective. 

For those staff working in the nominate pubs, clubs and bars, we'll be working with you to provide funds. 

Fun facts:

  1. Most rural location: Red Lion Hotel Allenstown QLD (Far North QLD!)
  2. Most nominated venues:
    1. Bar Cleveland NSW;
    2. Diamond Creek Hotel VIC; &
    3. Greendale Country Pub VIC
  3. Friendliest venue: Orion Hotel QLD
  4. Furthest venue from here: Silversands Tavern WA
  5. Venue we want to visit the most: Greendale Country Pub VIC & Mumbo Jumbo's NSW (because it's legendary on the Central Coast!)


Thanks everyone!

Shannon and Michael

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